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Zanellato Piano

Tuning & Repair


To adjust, and repair if necessary,

 the piano to the original factory settings

so the owner can fully enjoy the piano experience. 


Hammer Alignment

One of the things done when regulating is to align the hammers.  These two photos represent before and after pictures of hammer spacing.

Hammer Shaping

Another step done when regulating is hammer shaping.  This photo shows the deep grooves the hammer had before it was shaped and how the hammer should look after shaping.  The goal is to give the hammer a narrow striking point with no groves from the strings.

Damper Regulation

The keys have been removed from this grand piano to show the damper levers.
The damper levers are regulated using a Spurlock leveling tool.
This assures the dampers lift at the correct time.

Key Spacing and Leveling

Under each key, there are paper and felt punchings, and a pin. 
If adjusted properly, every key will be the exact same height and the spacing between the keys will be the same.

Felt Replacement

These photos depict the procedure for replacing felt, which is present wherever wood contacts steel pins.


Pastor S. - "Bill Z. did a  great job tuning our pianos at Thompson Road Baptist Church.  He is skilled, professional, and punctual.  We would highly recommend Bill to any church or individual needing piano tuning services."  

Kate M. - "Thanks so much Bill for bringing my girl back to life.  I played for hours last night....got lost in the music; she sounds wonderful!  I'm so happy that our paths crossed."

Tony M, Nextdoor Neighbor - "I met Bill when he came over to check out my archaic piano.  He is super professional, matter of fact, and eager (very knowledgeable) to answer questions.  I would recommend him.  (I own a recording studio and am a lifetime professional musician.)"

Kelly H. - "We have a baby grand that has seen more moves than is good for it.  After the last move and some time spent in storage, it finally found its new home, reassembled incorrectly and badly out of tune.  Bill took such extra pains to correct the assembly issue and made it sound better than it EVER has.  I would highly recommend him."


David H, of Life Point Church - "Bill has been tuning our pianos (an upright and two baby grands) here at LifePoint Church since the summer of 2016 and I am super pleased with his work. He is very conscientious and takes the time necessary to get it right. We use brass, winds, and stings along with a rhythm section in our worship service so tuning is very important. Most of the individual players tune with their own tuner and when I double check it with the tuning of the piano, the piano is always dead on. Bill is friendly, kind, as well as professional and I highly recommend him for any of your piano needs!"